Special Lectures

The following is a partial list. For more information, please see the Program.

Kerry Ressler   SP3. Special Lecture: PACAP and stress pathways - from mice to humans

Dr. Kerry Ressler, Harvard Medical School, USA
Seiji Shioda   SP5. Special Lecture: Pleiotropic function of PACAP: Its role in brain and peripheral organ

Dr. Seiji Shioda, Shonan University of Medical Sciences, Japan
Wolf-Georg Forssmann   A1. Victor Mutt Award Lecture
From Classical Peptide Research to Peptidomics to the Discovery and Clinical Use of Human Blood Peptides: Hemofiltrate is the Comprehensive Source of Innovative Drugs

Wolf-Georg Forssmann, Hannover Medical School, Germany
William A Banks   A2. Victor Mutt Award Lecture
M2. Dr. Abba J Kastin Memorial Symposium: A Vision of Peptides

William A Banks, University of Washington School of Medicine, USA

SP2. Keynote Lecture: Expanding Roles for Galanin in Neuronal Functions: Focus on Human Systems
Tomas Hokfelt, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

M1. Memorial Symposium for Dr. Hisayuki Matsuo
organized by Atsuro Miyata, Kagoshima University and Kenji Kangawa, Honorary Director of National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Japan

Symposium Sessions

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Schedule (tentative)

Detailed information is indicated on the Program.