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The International Symposium on VIP, PACAP and Related Peptides (VPAC) was first held in 1993 in Strasbourg, France, and then held biennially worldwide. The International Society for Bioactive Peptides (ISBAP) was formerly known as the International Regulatory Peptide Society and was renamed its current name recently. Our great honor is to hold the 1st ISBAP meeting and the 15th VPAC symposium jointly this year in Osaka, Japan. The international symposium VPAC ISBAP 2022 aims to provide invaluable opportunities for the international exchange of researchers interested in VIP, PACAP, and many other related and bioactive peptides.

The symposium was once planned to be held in the spring of 2021 but was postponed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it is highly unpredictable, the international steering committees of both societies have decided to hold this joint meeting this time. We understand that it is essential to ensure the chance to meet and discuss together, particularly for those who will lead the future research. Containing a wish for this, the organizing committee has subtitled the symposium “Toward Next Generation Peptide Research.” We very much look forward to welcoming you to the commemorable VPAC ISBAP 2022.


COVID-19 infection control

We place a top priority on the safety and security of all participants and staff of VPAC ISBAP 2022.
We want to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

We strongly recommend all participants take the vaccination with an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
If you have not been vaccinated, please provide a PCR test result within 72 hours from your arrival at the venue.

Wear a face mask at all times on the meeting site.
Use hand sanitizers placed near entrances of buildings or rooms often.
Maintain social distancing and leave a space between you and others.
Monitor your body temperature daily.